Body Scrub

Price starting at £25

Body scrubs are physical exfoliants, designed with a particle-like thick mixture, which helps to remove the dead skin cells from your body parts.

The exfoliating particles of a body scrub usually are a combination of salt and sugar. Body scrubs can either be oil-based, water-based or even in powder form.

The concept of body scrubs is not new and has been there as a body care treatment since ages. Egyptians invented this beauty method to naturally exfoliate their skin. They used to combine exfoliating particles like sugar in perfumed oil to make body scrubs. The method has made its way to modern skincare due to the variety of benefits it offers.


Benefits Of Using Body Scrubs


1. Smoother Skin

Body scrubs remove the dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin. They also clean off the dirt and dust from your skin pores. Exfoliating your body makes your skin fresh, brightened and definitely smoother. Go for natural ingredient body scrub such as coffee scrub, aloe vera scrub etc. You can choose sugar-based or any other natural source of glycolic acid.


2. Moisturizing Benefits

Body scrubs exfoliate your skin and this opens your clogged skin pores. When you apply moisturizer after scrubbing, it penetrates your skin deeper. This gives you a better moisturising experience, boosts the effects of your moisturizer and hydrates your skin.


3. Prevents Body Bumps

Just like face scrubbing, body scrubbing helps you get rid of the extra sebum oil produced in many parts of the body. Your skin pores stay clean and the chances of bumps reduce. Also, when you shave your body hair, there is a chance of getting bumps due to ingrown hair. Body scrubbing can help. It is recommended to scrub your body parts before a shave to prevent the razor bumps. 


4. Skin Rejuvenation

Exfoliating with a body scrub, peels off the outermost layer( epidermis) of your skin and gives your skin time to rejuvenate. A fresh, soft and smooth skin regenerates. Also, body scrubbing massages the skin, which is a stress-buster that soothes you both mentally and physically. Your body and mind get to relax.


5. Lifts Your Mood

Last but not the least, body scrubs have mesmerizing fragrances. Apart from giving you amazing skin benefits, they lift your mood and make you feel refreshed.

60 minutes session

Full body scrub

61 min
£ 60
Back Facial / Bacial

Helps to cleanse and rejuvenate that hard to reach area.

Includes :

  • Back cleanse x 2,
  • Back steam to open the pores
  • Exfoliation with mini massage 
  • Back mask
  • Finishing with a moisturisering lotion
61 min
£ 70

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